Dear Abuse (a poem)

The way i dealt with everything i’ve been through was through my writing. especially through poetry. I wrote a poem too the abuse.


Dear Abuse,


why did you come my way?

i was so young so innocent.


You stole my childhood away.

you stole too shine.

You stole my friends.

You stole my life.


Dear Abuse,

What did i do?

What did I do to deserve this?

Was it my bad grades?

Was it because i didn’t listen to my parents?


Please, please abuse.

I’m begging you tell me.

Tell me why come my way?

What did I do to deserve this?


Dear Abuse,

You came into my life.

Why?… I still have no idea.

You bring me down.

You bring me down real hard.


Dear Abuse,

I’m still here.

It wasn’t easy but I survived.

Oh boy did i survive.

It was tough but I made it.


I’m still here and i’m here to stay.

I just want to say:

Thank You


Dear Abuse,

You gave me the strength.

You gave me the power.

You gave me the power to survive.

I stood strong yet so fragile.

But I’m okay.

I still have a life.

I still have friends.


Dear Abuse,

I’m here to stay.

You can’t control me anymore.

You will come back into my life.

You will come back in many different shapes and forms.


But for now I say Good Bye



The Survivor






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