Dating in High school

My last relationship ended my junior year of high school which was 2008/2009. It was the year before I graduated. The guy I dated was sweet, kind, and would never hurt me at least not on purpose. You may be asking “if he was such a good guy why didn’t It last longer?” Well the last year of high school I moved and because of where I moved It was hard to see each other because I was in another school. Neither of us did anything wrong it was just our time too split and we decided too split while it was good. Although we don’t talk as much we used too we still are friends and talk occasionally.

Our relationship was so innocent compared to the other couples at the school. We dated a few years but kissed once, we rarely held hands. We would go on dates at the mall, go to the movies, have lunch but it felt more like hanging out between friends. Although we truly liked one other we had our different reasons for dating each other. He was hiding a secret from his family and I was freshly off the sexual abuse and was trying too fill the void of that part of my life. We both knew it even if we didn’t mention it. We had a good time with each other and a great friendship. The relationship we had we both needed at the time.

I didn’t date for now almost ten years. My dating experience in high school wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad. I wish I dated for the right reasons, but that’s something that I can’t change. My dating life as an adult is similar but quite the same but that’s a different story for a different time.

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