The Dream II

At one point I ended up having The Dream again, from beginning to end. For the most part the dream was the same but there were some differences. I will give you a short recap of the originally dream and the short version of the new one: I was grabbed by two men on the way home from the store and took me into a dark area. They both ended up rapping me but not before they tortured me. I was kicked, hit and cut with glass. I was a bloody mess. They did all this until they were finished with me and they just left me there lying in pain. That’s what happened to me in the first version.

The Dream II

I had the dream again but someone I know and someone I’ve come very close to ended up in the dream as well. I won’t mention what her real name is, you know for privacy reasons but if she ever comes across this she would know. At least I think she would. At first, I didn’t recognize her because of the lighting in the dream.

Everything that happened in the original dream happened, but as I said someone was added to it. She was trying to get these guys to stop hurting me. It took awhile but they stopped. In result of them stopping with me they began to do everything they did with me to her. It hurt so much but I managed to get up and grab the closest thing to me and threw it at them. They stopped and one of them came over to me, grabbed me and began pulling me closer to her. I looked down at her and there was so much blood. I began to recognize who she was it was my therapist Lacey. I looked in her eyes and they weren’t filled with the light I remembered them having. There was only pain and suffering. The second guy handed me a gun and pointing at Lacey he told me “get rid of the filthy bitch.” I pointed the gun at her, but I was shaking. I looked at her and I told her “I’m so sorry.” I turned the gun around and shot myself and then it was morning.

That second dream was more difficult for me then the first one. In this dream this woman was someone specific but she just represents people in general. I would rather die in place of another. It’s the whole I need to protect others because they matter, and I don’t thing. So, I shot myself instead of Lacey. I shot myself in order to save her, but I realized I don’t know if she was indeed safe. I realized I shot myself and left her with the two of them.  It just seemed the right thing to do at the time.  You know dreams will do that, not very logical. So, unless the dream somehow continues from where it left off, I will never know if my actions saved her. I hate when my mind goes to places like that.

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