Part 1 on Current Relationship

When it comes to my relationships, I will go in too some details but there is only so much I will mention until I get their consent for certain parts. I can only really be honest on how I experience things. Yes, anyone I write about by name is anonymous, but I am not. So, protecting their privacy is just as important.

Owen and I over the last almost three years have still been talking to each other. The most recent was yesterday. We may be getting together this weekend but unfortunately do too a personal thing I may have to cancel. Well at least if it’s just a sex visit canceling will have to happen. If it’s also just hanging out than we should be good. We have not decided on what kind of visit it is. Yes, it’s okay to have different kinds of visits. We’re not always up for hanging out but up for sex. We’re not always for up sex but up too just hanging out.

We’ve had our fair of ups and downs; our relationship hasn’t exactly been perfect. Lets take the actual relationship for example. One of us wants a real relationship the other wants to stay friends with benefits. Its either over or have a real relationship. We’ve been over and done a few times, but something just keeps bringing us back together, but we can’t or at least we aren’t ready to sway one way or another. The first year and half or so we both were up for friends with benefits. Neither of us were ready, ready too date but we wanted someone in our lives. So, friends with benefits gave us that. Now one of us is ready and the other is either not ready or scared. Now we’re sort of stuck, do we stay, or do we part way? If we stay do, we stay friends with benefits or become a real thing? If we part ways how do, we stay away from each other?

The last year hasn’t exactly made life easy for us individually and together. Which we’ll get too in a different conversation. This is part 1 of many conversations on this relationship. There will be many more parts. Even this conversation will have a continuation. If you have any advice on what I’ve said so far on this, I’m open too hearing your advice.

Stay safe and stay you. Until next time.

Jazzica Idamarie

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