I’ve been seeing my therapist Lacey for about 5/6 years now. I want to say two maybe three years in she gave me a piece of seaglass she had. I still have it, and not only do I still have it I carry it around with me every day. The only time I don’t carry it with me is if I genuinely forget to grab it or I’m doing something that makes me afraid to lose it. In this point of time, it’s the most important piece of glass I have. It holds so much meaning in my life.

This seaglass helps with my anxiety and life. I know, I know, you’re probably wondering how a piece of seaglass help with your anxiety and life. Well… for one it’s solid so I hold it, rub it, fidget with it. It keeps my hands busy and not shake all the time. It’s like chewing gum too prevent you from chewing the inside of your cheek or lips. Which I also have a problem with, but that’s a whole other issue, but today we’re talking seaglass.

Another way it helps is and this may sound crazy, but it makes me feel like Lacey is there when I need help or advice. It’s like how someone has a cross and follows “WWJD?” you know “What Would Jesus Do?”. For me it’s the seaglass and “WWLD?” or “What Would Lacey Do?”. So anytime I go through a difficult time, anytime I need assistance I reach for that seaglass and ask myself “What would Lacey do?” or “What would Lacey say?”.

Everyone has that one thing that helps them get through life when nothing else is available. When I can’t reach the people, I need the help from I go too books, writing, music and my seaglass.

Do you have something that helps guide you threw life? You may not even realize this item does this for you.

Find what helps you get through life when nothing else prevails.

Jazzica Idamarie

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