Time Management and Work Exhaustion

I’ve been working at the same retail store for the last 4 years. Minus a few months because I’ve been helping other stores off and on but that’s just been in the last year. especially since becoming a manager. The current store has been the longest store I’ve helped; I was there for almost 2 months. Lets talk how I got too this point. As I said I’ve been working at this particular retail store for the last 4 years, it’s a pretty new store or I should say location. It’s been open for 5 years. When I first started I worked in the fitting room and I did more night shifts then day shifts. Eventually I was either doing fitting room or being the cashier on either shift but I was still doing mostly nights. I want too say about a year too a year and a half in I started working in stock which for my store meant I had to be in store by 6:00 but we wouldn’t get our truck until about 6:30/6:45 in the morning. So I did that until we had to close our doors for a few months in 2020 due to the pandemic. Which I’ll be talking about soon, because that in itself is a whole mood and story. So, we were closed for a few months and while we closed I received a call from one of my managers at the time. She said “We are getting a new position. Now don’t take this the wrong way but the first person I thought of was you because you’re loud and noticeable.” I told her “I’m not offended by that.” So the new positon is called SPS which means Store Protection Specialist which also basically means security. I became SPS for crowd control because we could only have so many customers in the store. I did that for a few months and my Store Manager asked me if I would like to become a manager. I told her I would think about it because that’s not a Cashier or stock person kind of decision. I would be in charge of staff and an entire building. I thought about for a few days and I told her I would like to become a manager. So while that was in motion I continued being SPS and continued training other SPS. I was also looking for someone to fill my specific positon. The only reason I couldn’t just put a random SPS is because I was the only full time SPS and it was approved specifically for me. I was there just as much as the managers and the only reliable SPS so my store manager asked for me to get the actual benefits of being a full time employee and they approved it. So we wanted someone who could be me and we found her. When she was all trained up and I felt comfortable with it I began my training and eventually became official manager. It’s been almost a year since I became manager and its definitely been a crazy ride. Its been very busy, hectic, exhausting while at the same time enjoyable. Which leads me into time management. I work so much and by the time I get home I don’t want to do anything else or make the effort. But I do want to do the things i enjoy the most; reading, listening to music, arts and Writing. Especially my writing, this blog being one of the writing projects I have unfortunately have neglected. I promise I’ll try my best to get back on track.

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