September 9,2001 is still one of the biggest tragidies the US has experienced. I was nine years old turning eleven a few short months later. I remember finding out about what happened in school. If I remember correctly we were sent home early. As a kid of course I didn’t grasp what had happened at the time but I recognized that it was big and knew it wasn’t good. Over the years I’ve watched clips but it wasn’t until today that I realized I never, even after twenty years watched any full videos, documentaries, read any books etc. on the subject of 9/11. Of curse in school every year it would come up as part of history, but again I was so wrapped up in my own things I never grasped full heartedly on what happened that day. I’m now thirty and almost thirty-one in a few short months and have watched my first documentary. It recently came out for the 20 year anniversary. It definitely put a different light on it that I didn’t have on it before. Not that I didn’t have any for them before but my respect for any responders and innocent bystanders involved has grown 1,000 times over.

I have plenty to say about the event of 9/11 but I want to keep this light hearted and keep it focused on everyone involved who helped and lost their lives. It was both sad and touching to see the pictures/videos and hear stories about people from that day and then seeing them or being told updates 20 years later. In tragedies like this it’s not always an easy thing to get. My Respect and Gratitude goes out to everyone who helped and/or lost someone in this tragic event. Rest In Piece to all those who have been lost.

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