The Pandemic of 2020

It’s been one hell of a year.

In the year 2020 the world blew up and blew up hard. No, I obviously don’t mean literally blew up, but life and death definitely came into play. The world was hit with the Corona virus, also known as Covid-19, the Rona, the pandemic, the illness that made the world OCD. So many lives ending up in the hospital, so many lives lost forever, so many lives changed forever in every way. Businesses shut down, at least those that weren’t or aren’t considered essential. Even if the business is considered essential they tried staying open as long as possible.

My job ended up closing for about 3 months from March until June if I remember correctly. I enjoyed my time off but at the same time I was ready to get back to work. I was going stir crazy. Work was different when we came back. So while we were gone one of my Managers called me and informed me that we were getting a new position and she first thought of me when the positon was brought to their attention. I of course asked “why me?” and she said “Don’t take this the wrong way but it’s because your loud and noticable.” I took that as a compliment, I may be short, and I typically quiet and an introvert but at work I’m strong and mighty hahaha. Anyway the position is as an SPS known as Store Protection Specialist, which is just a fancy of saying security. The reason we needed the SPS position is because when we reopened we would be doing crowd control. We were only allowed so many customers into the store. So I was in charge of crowd control, safety etc. So i did that for a few months until it wasn’t needed anymore. But prior to opening the employees came back to work so we can markdown areas. Which in our case was the entire store. Normally we’ll do a few sections one day a week but because we were off for three months the entire store had to be markdown. We also had to build the necessary precautions for Covid. That plenty Plexiglas, gloves, wipes, our aisles had to be further apart, 6ft apart stickers on the floor and so much more. That’s just where I work and not including other companies. That’s my experience with working and this pandemic. Not everything involving work and covid but that is so much information.

Traveling has also been extremely different and difficult. Vaccines are now available for everyone to get. Of course you have those who want it and don’t want it. Some places are requiring proof of vaccinations before allowing you in. Which leads into a topic, discussion, debate I’m not quite sure I want to have yet. What I also didn’t get is the shortage of toilet paper that happened because of Covid. Sanitizer, medication, wipes etc. I can see but not toilet paper. The world has it’s priorities mixed up. It’s not everyone but it doesn’t necessarily reflect well on the ones who aren’t that crazy. The last two years have been one hell of a two years. It’s been exhausting and we’re all just done. We want it done and over with already.

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