How I See The World

I think I see the world differently then most people. Not everyone of course but most people. The world can be a really, really crappy place sometimes and I didn’t exactly experience the world like I should have. I never expected my life to be butterflies and rainbows but maybe cotton candy and flowers. Where one sees graffiti that should not be there I see the art, the beauty etc. Where most people see others as unstable I see an eccentric being. They’re the ones who make the world a more interesting place. I see the world in song and creativity. In my world nothing fits like people think things should. In my world a square is a circle, a circle is a triangle, a triangle is a rectangle so on and so forth. I’ve never been what people consider the norm and I’m good with that. The way I see the world and being an adult doesn’t always mix well with each other. I’m old fashioned but young in age and heart at the same time. I agree with King Triton while also understanding Ariels feeling of being trapped underwater. I don’t fit in anywhere and the place i do fit in unfortunately won’t be there forever. But however i see the world wherever i fit in, in that moment i’m going to enjoy my time.

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