Halloween hasn’t been a fully happy time for me for a very long time. Not saying I didn’t have a fun time on Halloween growing up because I definitely did. The bad memories just override the good ones. I would love it if I could make it a better time for myself. It’s not easy I can tell you that much. There is this young woman who has definitely helped in making difficult days amazing days. I haven’t known her long but I’ve known her long enough for her to witness very difficult days. The problem with her making bad days into amazing days is… 1. I don’t want to always rely on someone else to provide happiness and good memories. I need to just be okay with this day even when I’m alone. 2. This young woman and I well… we have a particular type of relationship. We’re not dating or anything but our relationship… well I’m not really sure how to describe it. As good as she makes me feel especially on the tough days the chances of her being able to do that for me until the end of time isn’t a possibility. So, I need to be able to wrap what she does for me in bubble wrap and grab a little bit of that whenever I need it. I’m good at celebrating, people, holidays, birthdays, etc.. so the fact that days like Halloween aren’t exactly a good day for me is hard. I’m single and don’t have kids so it’s not like I have those things in my life to be one thing to make it better. Sexual abuse will ruin a lot of things for you and for me it has. I don’t want it to ruin life for me anymore. Sooo, what is your advice on being able to make difficult days amazing ones?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween.

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