Current Relationship Part 2

My relationship with Owen is over, well it was more of a situationship. We were in a friends with benefits type relationship but not quite seeing other people. There are a number of reasons why it ended but it came down to us just being in different places in our lives. I’ve always been the way I am when it comes to my sexuality but there’s a particular women in my life that made me have a change of heart. We are not in a relationship but am I interested. If you seen her you may ask “Well why wouldn’t you be interested in her?”. It was never a physical thing for me when it came to her. I mean don’t get me wrong I find her amazingly beautiful and attractive physically. But I find just her being amazingly beautiful, amazingly charming, amazingly perfectly imperfect. I am in awe of her. I’m not in love i’m not saying that but i fell in love with her personality. I am just as happy with our amazing friendship as I hope I would be if we were actually a thing. But she helped me really come to know what I want in a relationship. Whether it’s with her or not we shall see but as my sexuality goes because if her I’ve never felt more myself. I had my moments when it came to women but I never really really went for it. It was just throught passing. I also wasn’t relationship of any kind ready. Now I am so join me on this journey. See ya on the flip side.

Jazzica Idamarie

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