This is it…

This is my time too get personal, my time too get vulnerable, my time too submit. I’ve spent a long time being so dominant and keeping everything in. A few people I’ve come too trust do know my story, but I’ve decided too to go bigger. I’ve been wanting too to tell it for a while now and with the whole #METOO movement going on I say why not now. So, I thought how do I want to tell my story?

I thought maybe a video a week on YouTube. I said no. As cool as YouTube is for me that site is not my platform. Well at least not yet. Then I went with my original idea with writing a book which I was already in the process of. But again, I said no too that as well. Why you ask? It’s because I thought blogging would be a good way too go. I want to release a chapter or two a week until I feel my story is over. There’s going to be some heavy content being discussed. Also, it will be great to have some open discussions in between each chapters if we decide on it. It’s a no pressure zone.

I want to give a glimpse to the good and the bad I experienced after the abuse. It may be hard for those involved meaning you all it could bring up things so please be cautious and it will be hard on me, but I want this to be my most vulnerable truest moment and hopefully yours. The sexual abuse is the worst and biggest thing to happen to me so far; but I have been through some things. I wouldn’t even wish for my worst enemy.

I still haven’t haven’t worked out a schedule yet on when the chapters will come out but I look forward too getting to know you all soon. i hope you all feel the same about me.